Just another reason to pursue that “backyard chicken”



This article, and others like it,  is indeed a reason to be upset with Tyson, as so many of the comments in all the links suggest. However, we should have already been upset with Tyson! This is not new news or new behavior. If you don’t already know that the meat you find on most grocery store shelves is not an acceptable thing to put in your mouth or to spend your money on, then you have not been paying attention. I haven’t allowed a piece of the Tyson empire to cross my lips in a decade. Every single thing you spend that hard earn dollar on is a vote. Spread the word.

But, I like to use information like this as motivation. Motivation to learn to raise my own chickens. The dramtic change required in our food system is not the kind that will come easily. Honestly, I’d like to see the whole thing completely colapase and we could all start from scratch.  But in the meantime, the goal is to have the flock in place this spring….



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